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As language teachers who were teaching in a formal school setting we were often approached by parents and student who often wanted to learn a language or languages outside the normal curriculum of languages they could take and sometimes even the parents themselves wanted to learn a language or more to better their lives. The consistent demand that was caused by the agitating lack of credible institutes that could teach languages and offer the necessary credible assessment that can be used in a formal setting both nationally and internationally saw the emergency of Alliance School of Languages.

With alliance meaning coming together of various professional language teachers to provide both administrative and financial services that later saw Mrs Noella Nsimire emerge as the director of the Mogul institute who has currently worked tirelessly to ensure that the Institute stands to produce students that have not just studied but that are fully learned in those languages they have undertaken. With a high level of efficiency and effectiveness that can enable them compete favorably in the market place.

With Alliance School of Languages you are always sure of what you will get at the end of your course even before you get started because we have a high class of big profile performers who work tooth and bone to ensure that students achieve maximum grades against all odds.

That’s the reason for our varied teaching schedules instead of one package fits all as it is in curriculum of the normal setting in schools just to cater for the needs of our varied students some of which have very tight schedules but still amidst all that as long they approach us we will always forge a way out because that’s our purpose in this world to see that you succeed as far as learning languages is concerned.

With our motto as “Language breaks all barriers” our doors are so wide open to see you approach us for any consultations about what we can offer you to settle your demand.

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