What we promise you

Our intense training enables you to gain a deeper understanding of Arabic language and culture, past and present.

Arabic Learning Program Options

1. A program for beginner to advanced students who primarily want to improve language proficiency as rapidly as possible.

2. Several graduate programs for students seeking a certificate or diploma in all or certain content areas.

Live in Language

We are strategically located in a corporate part of the country with most of our students coming from different parts of the country or world which will by all means give you you a great learning environment because you will practice your language of study by all means all day out and this approach to teaching will provide you with a deep foundation in the language.
For graduate students, our programs provide rigorous graduate instruction in key content areas, taught by renowned specialists.

Outside the classroom, you’ll be immersed in an extraordinarily vibrant community of Arabic Language learners. You’ll participate in organized in-language cocurricular activities such as soccer, singing, and even baking pastries each designed to help you build new vocabulary while developing cultural fluency.

Why Arabic ??

Learning Arabic can be a valuable and rewarding endeavor for a variety of personal, academic, and professional reasons.
Here are some compelling reasons why people choose to learn Arabic:

Global Significance: Arabic is one of the world's major languages, with millions of native speakers across the Middle East
and North Africa. It is also an official language in 26 countries, including some with significant global influence,
like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Communication: Learning Arabic opens doors to effective communication with millions of people in the Arab world, allowing
you to engage in meaningful conversations, make connections, and understand their perspectives.

Cultural Enrichment: The Arab world has a rich cultural heritage with significant contributions to literature, art,
architecture, music, and cuisine. Learning Arabic can help you appreciate and explore this rich cultural diversity.

Travel and Tourism: Arabic-speaking countries are popular travel destinations. Knowing the language can greatly enhance your
travel experiences, making it easier to navigate, interact with locals, and understand local customs.

Religion: Arabic is the language of the Quran, the holy book of Islam. Learning Arabic can deepen your understanding
of Islamic culture and religion, and it is considered a sacred language by Muslims around the world.

Academic and Research Opportunities: Arabic language and culture are subjects of study in many academic programs.
Learning Arabic can be advantageous for students pursuing degrees in Middle Eastern studies, history, or related fields.

International Relations: Arabic is used in international diplomacy, and proficiency in the language can be an
asset for careers in international relations, diplomacy, and government.

Job Market Advantage: Proficiency in Arabic can open up job opportunities in various fields, such as translation,
journalism, international business, and NGOs, especially in positions that involve working in or with the Arab world.

Cross-Cultural Understanding: Learning Arabic can foster cross-cultural understanding, making you a more culturally
sensitive and globally aware individual. It can help break down cultural barriers and promote tolerance and respect.

Global Citizenship: Learning Arabic contributes to your understanding of global diversity and multiculturalism, fostering
a sense of global citizenship and empathy for people from different backgrounds.

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